Abstract Submissions have now closed. Poster abstracts will be accepted beginning in March. The NACCHO Annual Conference Workgroup seeks sharing session proposals for the NACCHO Annual 2015 Conference, set for July 7-9, in Kansas City, MO. This year’s theme “Envisioning the Future: Creating Our Path” will showcase all the opportunities available to LHDs to examine strategies, share ideas, and plan actions for sustaining or reinventing their organizations in the new era.

Sharing Sessions

Sharing session may be 30, 60 or 90 minutes in length. Proposal submitters will be asked to indicate their first and second choice for session length. In the spirit of selecting sessions for the NACCHO Annual 2015 program that are truly learner-centered (not presenter-focused), the Annual Conference Workgroup will place a very high priority on choosing proposals that show how the presenters will engage the audience as learners. In thinking about proposed sessions, please consider the following:

  1. What primary lessons can learners take away from the presentation?
  2. Why are those lessons important to learners?
  3. What tools will learners receive to encourage them to apply the learning when they get home?

Presenters should use no more than half of their allotted time to present information. The remaining half of the session will be reserved for dialogue and exchange with the audience. NACCHO will provide materials to help presenters plan and develop sessions that are learner-centered, informative, and interactive. To encourage interaction with session attendees, only one or two presenters, plus a facilitator, will be permitted for the 30 & 60-minute sessions; only two to three presenters, plus a facilitator, will be allowed for the 90-minute sessions. If appropriate, presenters may serve a dual role of presenter/facilitator. Proposal submitters will be allowed to include additional people to assist with the interactive portion of the session, but additional people will not be considered speakers and will not be listed in the program.

Biographies and Conflict of Interest Disclosure

So that NACCHO can more effectively comply with the requirements related to the awarding of continuing education credits to conference attendees, submitters must both provide biographical information and disclose any conflicts of interest as part of the online submission process for each session presenter. Typed names are accepted signatures on disclosure information.

Selection Criteria

The Annual Conference Workgroup Criteria has grouped the criteria into the three focus areas of Importance and Value, Session Content, and Conference Session Expectations. Each Focus Area is assigned a weighted percentage, which drives the maximum possible score for the submission. Focus Area – Importance and Value

  1. Importance/Originality: Is the abstract cutting edge, innovative, or does it address an issue important to local public health departments (e.g. policy, health equity, organizational management/sustainability, etc.)?
  2. Learning Objectives: Selected from list developed in support of Annual Conference Theme. Requires a justification that the submission meets the selected learning objective(s).

Focus Area – Session Content 

  1. Criteria to assess the strength of the research or practice featured in the proposed session.  Criteria will vary based on focus of the session (e.g., research or practice.)
  2. Conclusions/Recommendations/Practical Applications: The take away messages for session attendees will help them improve their public health practice.

Focus Area – Conference Session Expectations

  1. Alignment to Conference Track: Redefined each year as Tracks are identified
  2. Involvement of Local Health Departments:   Local Health Departments are meaningfully involved in research, practice, or other activity and are included in proposed session as appropriate
  3. Clarity of content: Submission content is clear, concise, complete, logical and grammatically correct.

Speaker Travel & Registration Fee Policy

NACCHO does not cover travel or conference registration fees for speakers; however, one-day registration fees are waived for speakers and facilitators who attend the conference for the sole purpose of speaking or facilitating a session. If speakers plan to participate fully on one day only, they may register for at the discounted “Single Day Rate for Speakers.” If they plan to participate fully for the entire conference, they may register at the discounted “Speaker Rate.” Upon notification of proposal acceptance, the NACCHO Annual speaker coordinator will provide all speakers with specific next steps on how to register for the conference.

Online Submission and Editing Process

All sharing session proposals must be submitted ONLINE. No faxed, e-mailed, or mailed submissions will be accepted.

Deadline & Notification Timeline

Proposals must be received by 11:59 PM Pacific Time on Sunday, January 4, 2015. NACCHO cannot guarantee that proposals submitted after the deadline will be considered. NACCHO Annual Conference Workgroup members will review all applications and notification of acceptance or rejection will be sent to the Session Contact Person by close of business on March 23, 2015.


Please contact the NACCHO Annual speaker coordinator at nacchospeakers@conferencemanagers.com or 703-964-1240, Ext.11.