Sponsorships & Advertising

Stand out from the competition and enhance your presence and visibility at the conference by advertising or sponsoring an event at the conference. Sponsorships and advertisements can maximize brand exposure and increase your booth traffic.


Your company’s support of NACCHO Annual is vital for the continued excellence of this meeting. This support can be in the form of unrestricted grants in addition to exhibiting, sponsorships, and advertising.



Plenary Session

The theme of this year’s conference is Improving the Nation’s Health through Public and Private Partnerships. We will provide an interactive setting for local health officials to examine the intersections between healthcare and public health. Plenary sessions on this theme can involve your company speakers. NACCHO can also work with you to create a custom sponsorship to coordinate your speakers with our message. Contact us for additional details.


Exhibitor Learning Session                                          $4,500                         

By hosting your own exhibitor session, you can reach attendees in an educational manner. You get your own room for 60 minutes (45 minutes to present a topic of interest to attendees—not a sales pitch but a helpful discussion of your solution, involving participation by your clients—and 15 minutes for Q&A.) These session descriptions are listed in the program. There will only be one exhibitor session per time slot. To help market this session, you will also receive:

  • A description of your session on the website and conference program.
  • 1 pre-conference eblast with your session information.
  • Onsite signage with listing of all exhibitor learning sessions and your company logo.
  • A push alert through meeting app to remind attendees on the day of your session.


Please note: As a session sponsor, you agree to provide your title, description, and list of presenters to the planning committee chair for review and approval. All sponsored sessions must feature a presenter working in the field of public health and representing a local, state, federal, or academic perspective.


Public Health “TED” style talk Session                         $1,500  

Join a unique and refreshing educational session format at NACCHO Annual - Host your own 10 minute TED style talk.  There will be 5 TED style talks scheduled during this session. Attendees can enjoy a quick and fascinating educational session in this popular format.  You provide the teaser information that can draw attendees to your booth for more information.



Hotel Key Cards                                                             $6,000                  1 available

Have your company’s logo appear on one of the most important items attendees will be carrying—their hotel room key cards. The key cards are distributed during hotel check-in and will be carried by attendees for the duration of the conference. This is a great way to be at everyone’s fingertips!


Lanyards                                                                        $5,000                   1 available

Place your company logo on the official NACCHO Annual 2019 lanyard to be attached to the badge holder worn by all conference attendees.


“You Are Here” Locator Display                                   $2,500 each           1 available

Located on the main floor these displays provide a quick view of the conference center layout and identify locations of various services. As a sponsor, your custom graphics are on the lower display panel (approx. 3’ x 8’) and backlit to increase visibility.


Hand Sanitizer Stations at Lunch                                 $1,500

Be the exclusive provider of hand sanitizers in the exhibit hall AND help keep our attendees healthy while promoting your company! Place up to six hand sanitizer stations in central locations around the exhibit hall. Multiple networking and meal functions guarantee that this attendee essential will be used throughout the conference. Sponsor is responsible for all production, material handling, and shipping of the samples or stations.


Networking Events

Partners in Leadership Reception                                $4,500

Network with NACCHO Board of Directors, Big Cities Health participants, and volunteer leaders and be recognized for your support of one of the year’s most important in-person meetings of the NACCHO leadership. Your sponsorship provides an invaluable opportunity to make a positive impression on the Board by offering brief welcoming remarks at the start of the meeting. Benefits also include:

  • Logo next to the description of the event in the conference mobile app
  • Logo in the description of the event in an official NACCHO e-newsletter prior to the meeting to invite attendees to your event;
  • Logo on onsite program


Exhibitor Hospitality Events                                         $3,500                      2 available

Network with conference attendees while you have their undivided attention by hosting your own hospitality event. You get your own room for two hours the evening of Wednesday, July 11 (100 people capacity). To help market event, you will also receive the following:

  • A description of the event in the conference program mobile app
  • A description of the event in an official NACCHO e-newsletter prior to the meeting to invite attendees to your event
  • A push alert through meeting app to remind attendees on the day of the event
  • Onsite signage



Golf Tournament                                                           $1,000

Join fellow attendees to play golf as a welcome networking break. Your exclusive sponsorship includes:

  • Logo next to the description of the event in the conference program mobile app
  • Logo in the description of the event in an official NACCHO e-newsletter prior to the meeting to invite attendees to your event
  • Logo on onsite signage
  • 100 custom logo golf balls for use by the attendees



Custom Eblast                                                               $1,500   (exhibiting)

                                                                                    $2,500   (not exhibiting)

Your messaging can be read by the entire 1,800 attendee list with a custom eblast. Send a custom eblast with your text and 2 graphics to the entire NACCHO Annual attendee list. 


NACCHO Email Banner                                                  $1,000   (exhibiting)

                                                                                       $1,800   (not exhibiting)

Share your message—both in graphic and text format—through a customized NACCHO Annual e-newsletter, which reaches all registered attendees. Only one advertiser per e-newsletter will be allowed.


Mobile App Advertising

Landing Page Ad             
                                            $1,500   (exhibiting)

                                                                                       $2,000   (not exhibiting)

Be the first ad seen by NACCHO Annual attendees!  The NACCHO Annual mobile app contains the entire conference program, exhibitors, and poster information in one convenient place! Attendees can use the app to find sessions, review speaker bios, search for exhibitors, view the floorplan, see updates, and communicate with each other through social media. Each and every time that attendees open the app, they see your ad first! 


Banner Advertisements                                                                              3 available

                                                                                       $750      (exhibiting)

                                                                                       $1,500   (not exhibiting)

Place your custom banner ad on the exhibitor directory section of the NACCHO Annual mobile app. Your custom graphics will appear on the directory pages for all attendees to see. The directory will have 3 banners ad that rotate.


App – Push Notifications                                              $500                    10 available

Send out a text alert to each attendee through the conference app. This alert will pop up on each attendee’s phone if they have downloaded the app. Use it to remind attendees to stop by your booth, announce a raffle, or showcase a product demonstration time. The text is limited to 200 characters.

For more information on becoming an exhibitor or sponsor, contact NACCHO Exhibits and Sponsorship Manager at  naccho@sponsorshipboost.com or (301) 200-4616.